They Deserve Our Support

All the heroes and more to name
All the heroes and more to name


Support Matters.


Our heroes deserve the recognition and the honor that their actions should receive and that we give back something valuable which guarantees that we appreciate their services for our well-being and our freedom.


TrueHeroes is a Trademark and a brand label.


TrueHeroes  solely offers products which includes parts from used uniforms of our heroes. That makes the brand unique.


When we need to hire employees, veterans comes first.




We Love What We Do.


Let’s make it simple: TrueHeroes is a company that has been established to support veterans and disabled veterans. We work within a competitive market and we work hard because our heroes deserve the recognition and the honor that their actions should receive. Therefore TrueHeroes donates a certain amount of the sales price of its products (depending on the product's cost) to projects which directly support veterans. Projects which help veterans to find jobs, to re-educate them, to help veterans’ families in need and to provide services for wounded or disabled veterans.


When you buy one of our TrueHeroes  products, you directly support a hero. Please spread the TrueHeroes idea to your friends, family members and colleagues and help us to make TrueHeroes a success for our real heroes. That’s why your support matters.
The more you recommend TrueHeroes’ products the more we will donate.





Donate A Uniform

Be Involved And Commit Yourself.


With your donation of a used uniform you are directly involved in the support chain. We guarantee that your support reaches those veterans and their families who are in need. 

Because of the unique brand idea of using used uniforms to create our products TrueHeroes  needs a continuing flow of used uniforms. If we run low on donations of uniforms, we have to buy them from different sources. This increases the costs and results in less support to veterans. That's why your support and your donation matters. Please be a part of the TrueHeroes idea and spread the word.


If you have a uniform, please donate it.


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